You can be a jerk. Don't be a misinformed one.

Someone said to me today that most Canadians share their opinion that immigration in Canada is out of control, that we allow foreigners to steamroll over our own cultural values, and that we allow our own culture to be eroded by letting people wear turbans and niqabs when it makes us uncomfortable. Apparently the Liberal party is all about those filthy immigrants, right?

I'd like to inform you that most Canadians (39% for Liberal, 20% for NDP) voted Conservatives out of office and put a Liberal majority into Parliament on Monday; it wasn't some dastardly coup staged by a few tricksy devils. A large portion of those people voted Conservative in the previous two elections.

Since 68% of eligible voters makes for the highest turnout in 20 years, and 32% of eligible voters were still not impassioned enough about which way the election went, that means Most Canadians do not feel that their rights are being encroached upon when others are allowed to exercise religious rights they may find strange.

29% of the voters went Conservative, and so at most 29% of voters might disagree with generous immigration and religious relations policies, but even Conservatives were ready to invite 10,000 refugees fleeing for their lives to shelter here from conflict with ISIS in Syria.

A substantial number of you folks are actually saying you wish the NDP would have taken the majority vote. I have no substantial disagreements with the NDP platform - I would have been almost as comfortable with them taking the country back for us from the Harper government - but I must point out that NDP party leader Tom Mulcair was the single most outspoken party leader in favor of women's freedom to wear the niqab during citizenship ceremonies.

That stance lost him his power base in Quebec, where public outrage over the niqab was highest, crippling the NDP chance for success. Tom knew that, and his response was admirable:

"I’ve taken positions in my life that weren’t immediately appreciated — I’m willing to live with that."

"...leading is about setting your priorities and telling people who you are and what you believe in.”

So what you folks are really telling me is that you voted for the wrong party, because you MEANT to vote for the Racist Bigot Party, which the New Democrats are not. Oops!

Oh and by the way, you're wrong.

If you disagree with the ruling that Muslim women can wear their niqab to a citizenship ceremony, what you probably believe is that they are allowed to hide their faces and defy identification before swearing the oath.

In truth, everyone is still required to remove any face coverings, in private, before a female citizenship official. They may then proceed to wearing the niqab during the ceremony, where men could otherwise see their faces against their wishes and the dictates of their religious beliefs.

Double Misinformed Oops!

Do some research before you get outraged. Better yet, quit being a jerk.


Jeff Szusz

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