Lern 2 Shoot: A Curated List Of Videography Tutorials For Beginners

I picked up a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (a.k.a. the BMPCC) a few days ago and couldn't wait to break it out and experiment. I started shooting videos of my dog running around like a derp and looking at me like I'm an idiot. As a first-time videographer, I desperately needed some education.

Since you can learn pretty much anything and everything on the good ol' interwebs, I started looking around on YouTube for somewhere to get started.

I found a great deal of material, but a lot of it contained redundant information or just didn't give me any confidence that I was learning something.

Here's a list of the instructional videos I found that turned out to be really helpful in my first week of furious research - and some that came in extremely handy leading up to my purchase of the BMPCC in the first place.

Some of these videos will assume you're shooting still photography; that's okay - nearly everything you learn about lenses and sensors will transfer to video.

Cinematography: Learn From A Master

In the best primer on cinematography I've found, Richard Michalak teaches us a little bit about everything we need to know: Cinematography: Learn From A Master

Storytelling With Cinematography, by DSLRguide

Matt Granger Explains Sensors And Such

Focal Length & Field Of View

What is focal length? Camera lens focal lengths, in 5 minutes by Michromatic explains what focal length is and how the focal length of your lens affects field of view.

Best focal length for PORTRAITS (FX & DX) by Matt Granger explains how focal length affects the features of a subject's face, the shape of their body, and the apparent size of the objects in the background behind them.

DaVinci Resolve Crash Course

If you'd like to improve the colours in your video, or if you're shooting with a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera like I am (and therefore MUST learn to do colour grading well), Blackmagic Design's DaVinci Resolve is about the best video colour grading software out there, and a free (as in beer) version is available.

Casey Faris gives us a fantastic run-down of the DaVinci Resolve interface and tutorial on getting started colour grading in his video, DaVinci Resolve 12 Basics.

Nifty Extras You Don't Need, but Might Like To Know


I hope you found some of these videos really helpful. I'll occasionally blog about my new hobby here. If you're interested in amateur videography, HDSLR video or the BMPCC in particular, check back here for the occasional post or bug me directly at @jeffszusz on twitter.


Jeff Szusz

I'm a professional web developer, a novice videography nerd, and I love a good book or games with friends. I'm @jeffszusz on twitter!